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Coloring Book


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A Pterodactyl with a wingspan so large, swooped over my head with a thunderous charge,

It didn’t scare me, not one little bit.
I stood my ground, while biting my lip.

I hoped it was gone with my eyes clenched shut. When all of a sudden I was lifted right up.

I was dropped in a nest with some rather large eggs. as big as my neighbor’s gigantic trash bags.

I sat in the nest with very wide eyes, pondering the next moment, when to my surprise

the Pterodactyl flew back and scooped me right up. And dropped me back were I started with a plop.

I still wasn’t scared, not one little bit. But I ran inside at a very fast clip!

Did you know?
The Pterodactyl (pronounced te'ro'dak'til) wasn't a bird or mammal. It was a reptile which used its great featherless wings to glide through the air. Our knowledge of this prehistoric creature comes from a handful of fossilized remains.


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